2012 Les Jamelles Malbec Cepage Rare

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Already recognized as specialists in the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon, our passion for the diversity in the region's grape varieties led us to create the «Les Jamelles Cépage Rare» collection which is aimed at introducing wine lovers to a selection of heritage, forgotten, or little-known varietals that make up the viticultural heritage of southern France. These wines are the result of a long quest that allowed us to discover vineyards in which the vines thrive and flourish. We learned to determine their optimal yields and how to best vinify the grapes.


TASTING NOTES:  This elegant, ruby coloured wine tinged with red boasts a spicy nose with hints of liquorice and notes of red and black fruit. It is soft and well-structured on the palate with solid fruity flavours and fine tannins that give this wine its elegant length.


FOOD PAIRING:  This Malbec is the ideal match for Mediterranean cuisine (ratatouille), pizza, couscous and tagines, as well as assorted deli meats, cheeses and grilled red meats. It is also delicious with chocolate. Serve at 16°C.