Loreto White Port

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LORETO White Port shows bright with a light golden straw color. 
In the nose, it presents some complexity, with sweet aromas and fresh and balsamic nuances of flowers and anise; some woody and dried fruit notes, manly of almonds, candied fruit and a hint of coconut and sweet yeast pastry of wood fired-ovens; intense notes of chocolate and cherry and light earthy hint. 

In the palate, it is sweet and velvety with flavors of almonds, dried apricots, cherries and chocolate, with a persistent and balsamic aftertaste, flavored with notes of chocolate and cherries liqueur.


It pairs very well with several low-sugar content fruit based desserts; it’s also a very good match for some cheeses, chocolates and nuts, pies and cakes and vanilla flavoured puddings. It can be served as an appetizer and brought out to main courses prepared with fresh condiments.